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We at AITAF believe there is real power in being in a room with complete strangers from different walks of life and creating a dialogue between them through self-expression. We can think of no better tool than language with which to arm those protecting our country and the families that support them.

This year, not only will we be presenting our free program in New York City again, but we’ll also be visiting new bases both domestically and internationally.

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I have attended your Veterans Day programs for the last 3 years. I found them both thought provoking and entertaining. The actors did a wonderful job with their roles and I appreciated them taking their time to be involved in this most worthwhile endeavor. I think that any veterans etc. who have never been exposed to the theatre got a good representation of it and would not hesitate to support the arts by going to plays, musicals, etc. in the future. - Dennis Dougherty, Col., Retired
The AITAF performance I attended was extraordinary, because I got to see many famous and extremely talented actors doing monologues that were heartfelt and moving, in a very intimate setting...just a stage with chairs, facing the audience... AITAF allowed me to meet them in a setting where they seemed comfortable enough to engage in candid conversations with the audience, face-to-face. It felt very personal and it was a wonderful experience for me.- Beth Kleiman, LCDR, USNR
Thank you so much for the wonderful evening you provided for myself and the fellow veterans from the Borden Ave veterans facility. The monologues were thought provoking, funny and truly touching. It is a rare treat for the older vets on limited income to enjoy Broadway these days. I hope that your Organization experiences great success and prospers so that you can continue to provide such amazing experiences for all.-
AITAF is doing something no one else is doing by providing cultural opportunities of the highest quality to the military population in order to boost morale. AITAF quite literally bridges the gap between America's civilian, artistic, and military communities by bringing members from each together under the same roof to remind each other what we all have in common: our humanity and the capacity to share and appreciate our lives through storytelling. - Susan Sarandon, actress
Thoroughly enjoyed your program on Sat, 22 Aug at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Prior to the event, I was unfamiliar with your efforts but was richly rewarded by the 2 hours spent in attendance. Please know your work had a lasting impact on several of us at the performance and we all look forward to returning home and supporting your continued success.- Maj Scott Medlyn, USAF
AITAF understands deeply that to acknowledge another's experience and then reflect it back to them is one of the greatest gifts one human being can give to another- Lili Taylor, actress